Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Richard Parry Price

Memorial in the Chapter House
Richard Price, esq. F.R.S. son and heir of Francis Price of Bryn-y-pys, Flint. Assumed the name of Parry in consequence of a bequest by the hon. Benjamin Parry a privy councellor of Ireland. Born May 19th 1736, Died 14th May 1782. Richard Parry Price married Anne Puleston of Brynypys, Flint. 23rd October, 1764, at Biddulph, in Staffordshire, by the Rev. John Gresley. In Mr Parry Price's diary,  this event is thus recorded: " Made the happiest man in the world by being married to my dearest Nancy at Biddulph."


David Wilson said...

Is it known what became of Anne Puleston after her marriage and birth of her son Richard 3 Sep 1765?

My interest is that her husband Richard Parry Price, according to FamilySearch, had two children by one Ann Wilson; Charles in 1766 and William in 1781, both of whom were given the surname Wilson. William was my 3 greats-grandfather.

It appears that Ann was Richard's mistress; but 1766 is very soon after such an ecstatically anticipated marriage in 1764! Unless, that is, Anne Puleston died in childbirth, as did Richard's first wife, Dorothy Byrne.

Unknown said...

I am trying to find more information on R P Price. Some trees have him fathering a son named Walter. Walter's mother being Mary Woods.