Friday, May 11, 2012

Archibald Alexander Smith, Virginia U.S.

Sacred to the memory of Mary Smith who departed this life 23rd March 1849 aged 38 years Be ye also ready Also John Smith husband of the above Who died 21st September 1860 aged 67 years Also of Archibald Alexander Smith Of Alexandria and Virginia U.S. Who died 29th October 1869 aged 24 years Also of Reginald Keighly Smith M.A. Vicar of Killinghall Yorkshire 2nd son Of the above John and Mary Smith Who died at Chester 9th January 1904 aged 65 years Also Julia Sarah Smith daughter of the above John and Mary Smith who died November 9th 1905 Aged 65 years.

This stone is to the left of the Chapter House.


Colin D. Gronow said...

Gill said...

John and Mary Smith were my great-great grandparents. Their son Arthur John Smith was Vicar of Levens, Cumbria from 1864-1912. Their grandson Walter Henry emigrated to Port Elizabeth, South Africa where he married on 16 Sept 1908 and died on 23 Oct 1925 aged 47, leaving 3 children Katherine Alicia Phyllis 1909, Arthur Walter 1911 (my father) and Thomas Keightley 1913.
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Ron Jones said...

Do you know anything about 24-year old Archibald Alexander Smith of Alexandria,Virginia, who died 29 October 1869 and is buried in the same grave? I am writing a chapter about Birkenhead's links with the USA and am curious about his background.

Many thanks

Ron Jones

Colin D. Gronow said...

Ron, not sure if I can add anything, seems to be just a memorial to him, cannot locate his burial entry at St. Mary's. Had a quick look for Virginia deaths but again nothing I could find. Good luck with your search.

Ron Jones said...

Many thanks for looking Colin. Actually went to the Priory today and had a look at the memorial and took some photos of it. I also needed a photo showing the Alabama dock without a ship in it and managed to get it.