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Samuel Spencer RN HMS Victory

(ref.LAN435) Sacred to the memory of Samuel Spencer Esq. Lieut.RN. who departed this life December 19th 1850 Aged 71 years also Charlotte Matilda Spencer second daughter of the above who departed this life March 6th 1870.

Samuel Spencer born abt 1779 in Halifax, Yorkshire, was present at the Battle of Trafalgar on board HMS Victory. Ship’s pay book number (SB 866) 20th August 1804 to 4th November 1805: Rank Master’s Mate. Discharged 4th November 1805 Queen for Phoebe. (National Archives Catalogue Ref.ADM 36/15900)

On the 1851 Census (HO107/ 2174; Folio: 72; Page: 38) his dau. Charlotte Spencer is living in “Greenbank” Poplar Road Oxton, Birkenhead. She was born abt 1809 in Scotland. By 1861 (RG9/ 2647; Folio: 36; Page: 10) she is living with her Sister Louisa Varles at 7 Enfield Terrace, Claughton Birkenhead.
(ref.P463) Sacred to the memory of MARTHA, the beloved wife of William HALL, who fell asleep in Jesus, November 27th, 1865, aged 80 years. 'She being dead yet speaketh' Hebrews xi. 4 Also WILLIAM TWANBROOK HALL, son of the above, who died December 25th 1864 aged 42 years. 'He that believeth in me, thou(gh) he were dead, yet shall he live'John Chap 11 v.23. Also ANNE DONE, relict of the above, Born 16th July, 1826: Died 28th November, 1872, aged 46 years. 'it is the Lord, let him do what seemeth Him good' 1 Samuel Chap 3 v. 18.

(ref.P461) Sacred to the memory of WILLIAM HALL, husband of Martha Hall, who died December 6th, 1873, aged 90 years. 'Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the spirit, that they may rest from their labours'Rev. xivc 13V.

(ref.P427) In loving memory of HENRY BERNARD HAMILTON, who fell asleep in Jesus August 12th, 1881, aged 25 years. 'They have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb: therefore are they before the throne of God, and serve him day and night in his temple' Also of MARY HAMILTON, mother of the above, who entered into rest August 16th, 1893, aged 63 years. Absent from the body, present with the Lord'.

(ref. P429) Sacred to the memory of ALEXANDER STEELE, late lieutenant of the 43rd Light Infantry, who departed this life Jany 8th,'1830, aged 37 years. 'He was suddenly snatched in the flower of his days from an attached wife and relatives who while they deplore his loss are consoled with the hope that his Spirit is gone to be with that Saviour in whom he trusted, Even Jesus Christ "The same yesterday and today and forever.' Heb 13.8.
(ref.P431) Sacred to the memory of the Rev. HENRY GATHORNE, who fell asleep in Jesus December 28th 1854, aged 30 years. As we have borne the image of the Earthly, we shall also bear the image of the Heavenly' 1 Cor xv 49. Also of WILLIAM THOMAS HAMILTON, surgeon of Rock Ferry, who fell asleep in Jesus April lst 1877 , aged 59 years. Is xxvi 3. Also of CAROLINE, widow of the above Henry GATHORNE, who departed this life Jan 30th 1912, aged 78 years. 'For they must rest from their labours'

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

(ref. P525) In affectionate rememberance of LUCY ANNE, the beloved wife of Edward HUGHES, Claughton Road, Birkenhead, who departed this life October 27th, 1878, aged 54 years. (Absent from the body, present with the Lord.) Also of the above EDWARD HUGHES, who died December 27th, 1889, aged 80 years. For many years a teacher in St Mary's Sunday School.
(ref.CH33) To the Dear memory of two beloved Brothers Joseph Reyner Dicker. Fell asleep in Jesus December 29th 1879. Thomas Hope Dicker Early taken home December 21st 1838 “Son of God and precious in his sight”. And of their much loved Sister Elizabeth who entered into rest November 28th 1887 “A succourer of many” “They pure in heart they shall see many” Also Winifred Dicker who died August 17th 1894 “Father in thy gracious keeping Leave we now thy servant sleeping”

(ref.CH35) Sacred To the memory of Augusta Second daughter of Capt. Bevis R.N. Who departed this life June 20th 1842 Aged 41 years “She has entered into Peace” Also of Willie infant son of Rostal and Jane Benvis and Nephew of the above who died April 21st 1861 aged 3 years Also Thomas Bevis Captain R.N. Who died 23rd October 1877 aged 61 years.

(ref.CH47) Sacred To the memory of Commander Archibald MacDonald R.N. Who departed this life 12th Day of June 1852 Aged 68 years Also Margaret wife of the above Died on the 9th December 1874 In her 85th year Also of William MacDonald Son of the above Died on the 5th January 1878 Aged 58 years.

(ref.CH53) Sacred to the memory of Frances Harding Of Shiffnal Shropshire who Died November 28th 1851 Aged 53 years Also Charles Fournier formerly of Salmaize in Burgandy Died 16th January 1854 aged 50 years Also Sarah Helen Fournier Widow of the above Who died at Newport Salop. August 7th 1888 Aged 88 years Her end was peace.

(ref.CH385) In loving remembrance of James Percival Son of David & Louisa Kinghorn Who died 23rd May 1876 Aged 3 months In loving rememberance of LOUISE daughter of David and Louisa Kinghorn, who died 7th September 1872 aged 4 months.

A Triangle tombstone which had one side missing from the original transcription (done c.1975) Also the original transcript stated Kingham though it can clearly be seen as Kinghorn. Both deaths appear to have been registered in Wirral. 1872 Louisa Elizabeth Strathmore Kinghorn & 1876 Percival James Kinghorn.
(ref.P519) Sacred to the memory of HANNAH TOMKINSON, wife of Charles Tomkinson of Liverpool, who died September 2nd, 1818, aged 67 years. 'Death inflexible that would not spare. A loving wife and tender mother dear; Returned to earth her late fair body is, Till Christ more fair shall rise her unto life'. God grant that all who on her cast an eye, may like her live and wisely learn to die. Also ANN TOMKINSON, sister to the above CHARLES TOMKINSON, who died December 9th, 1818, aged 64 years. Also ISABELLA CHRISTIE, their grandaughter, who died March 4th 1816, aged 5 years.

(ref.P521) In the vault underneath lie the remains of MARGARET, the beloved wife of John GRINDROD M.D. (of Seaforth), who departed this life on the 28th of January, 1852, aged 46 year. Also of the said JOHN GRINDROD, M.D. husband of the above, who died at Seaforth, on the 21st day of June, 1856, aged 55 years.

(ref.P523) Sacred to the memory of JOHN GRINDROD HEATHERINGTON, who died Jan 6th, 1829 aged 10 months. Also RICHARD HEATHERINGTON, died February 19th, 1837, aged 1 1 months. Also of WILLIAM HEATHERINGTON Esq, who departed this life February 4th 1839 aged 37 years. Also of WILLIAM HETHERINGTON, died November 14, 1844, aged 17 years. Also of GEORGE HETHERTINTON, his brother, died Nove 29th, 1846, aged 17 years.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Left Stone. (ref P471) Sacred to the memory of JOHN RAVENSCROFT, who died 12 Jany 1838, aged 88 years. Also of WILLIAM RAVENSCROFT, grandson of the above, who died 7 Augt 1847, aged 28 years.

Right Stone. (ref.P473) Sacred to the memory of WILLIAM RAVENSCROFT, who died 17 Nov. 1849, aged 70 years. Also of ELLEN, relict of the above William RAVENSCROFT who died lst May, 1858, aged 75 years. Also of JOSEPH, third son of the above William RAVENSCROFT, who died 28th May, 1859, aged 36 years.
(ref.CH07) In Affectionate remembrance of Anne Killey late of Ballalig, Isle of Man who died the 11th of September 1857 Aged 52 years, also in Loving Remembrance of Joseph Beresford who Died the 10th November 1881 in his 66th year. Also of Jane Beresford wife of the above who entered into rest January 20th 1896 aged 89 years “My presence will go with thee and I will give thee rest”

(ref.CH09) In Memory of Thomas Hubard only son of the late George Hubard of Cheadle Staffordshire who died at Woodside November 11th 1839 Aged 20 years.

(ref. CH11) A Tribute of respect to the memory of Esther Hardwick who departed this life August 4th 1841 Aged 54 years.

(ref. CH13) Sacred to the memory of Henry B. Warner Only child of Capt. Warner E.I. Company Service. Who departed this life 7th November 1841 In the 5th year of his life.

(ref. CH05) Sacred to the memory of Richard Sconce who departed this life 31st May 1862 aged 23 years “Thy will be done” Also of Mary Ann Todd sister of the above who departed this life 28th January 1878 Aged 49 years “not lost but gone before”.

(ref.CH03) Sacred to the memory of John Lloyd who departed this life September 12th 1863 aged 2 years - 11 months. Also Richard Williams who departed this life November 9th 1865 aged 33 years.

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(ref.P269) Sacred to the memory of Matilda beloved wife of The Rev. Joseph Baylee D.D. (Principal of St. Aidans Theological College) she was the daughter of the late Edward Collis Brigade Major of Yeomanry For the counties of Clare And Galaway Ireland She slept in Jesus January 14th 1864 Aged 65 years “to die is to gain” also Alicia the beloved wife of the Rev. D.J. Hirsch who died on Easter Sunday April 14th 1895 in her 88th Year “to be with Christ which is far better “

(ref.CH265) In memory of William Weare Aged 2 years Also Annie Louise aged 19 days Died March 16th 1862 “they died for Adam Sinned They live for Jesus died” Also William Sidney Weare Father of the above Who died December 2nd 1884 Aged 57 years Also Mary Weare Widow of the above Who died August 6th 1929 Aged 93 years.
(ref.535) In hope of external life, here are entered the mortal remains of ISAAC BURGESS Esquire, Lieutenant Colonel of the Pendennic Artiillery Local Militia, and Surveyor General of His Majesty's Customs; who to soundness of judgment Amiableness of disposition, Amenity of manners, And benevolence the most active, Added the graces and virtues of genuine Christianity He closed a life, devoted to the service of his country and his God, June 14, 1818.

(ref.509) PHILLIP SPENCER, son of John and Charlotte ASPINALL, departed this life on the 7th of January 1929, aged 12 months. Sacred to the memory of MARGARET ASPINALL, wife of Henry Kelsall Aspinall, of Birkenhead, died June 23rd, 1906, aged 84. 'She is not dead but sleepeth'. Also of the above HENRY KELSALL ASPINALL, died March 28th, 1908, aged 93, 'With Christ which is far better'. Also of FREDRICK, youngest son of the above, who died at Vancouver, on May 3rd, 191 1, aged 51 years. Also of HARRY ASPINALL, fourth son of the above, who died October 12th, 1929, aged 71 years 'He hath done all things well'. The burial place of JOHN ASPINALL.

(ref.433) Sacred to the memory of KATHERINE, aged 10 months, FANNY, aged 1 day, EDWARD, aged 1 year and 9 months, JESSIE FORSYTH, aged 6 months. The beloved children of the Rev. Andrew KNOX and Katherine his wife. 'He shall gather the lambs with his arm and carry them in His bosom'lsaiahXL.11 Also sacred to the memory of the above named KATHERINE KNOX, who fell asleep in Jesus May 29th, 1868, aged 69 years. 'To me to live is Christ and to die is gain' Phil 1 ver2l. Also of the above named REVD. ANDREW KNOX, Vicar of this parish who fell asleep in Jesus October 12th, 1881, aged 85 years. 'With long life will I satisfy him and shew him my salvation' Ps xci.16. John xvi.24.

(ref.423) In memory of WILLIAM BICKERTON, for 40 years in the parish of Birkenhead, a friend to childhood, a guide to youth, a counsellor to manhood, and a teacher beloved by all, Born 24th November 1824 - Died 12th June, 1883. 'Faithful unto death' In many lands, by many hearts, His memory is blest; While we at home in gratitude Thus mark his place of rest 'He rests from his labours'

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(ref.LD601) Family Grave of, Percy Matthew Dove. William Percy Dove son of the above died March 6th 1848 Aged 14 months. In memory of Anna Dove who died in he 4th November 1849 in the 84th year of her Age. Also of Percy Matthew Dove who died on the (?) August 1868 in the 65th Year of his age.”Ever with the Lord”. Also of Martha Dove widow of the above, Born December 29th 1811, departed this life September 1904, Also of Martha Augusta daughter of the above, Born December 6th 1840, Died October 25th 1910.

(Martha Dove appears on the 1851 Census in Hamilton Square, Birkenhead (HO107/2175 folio:182 page:5) but without her husband Percy. Martha is with her children Martha A. aged 14 born Brixton Surrey, Percy Cattleden born 1838 in Brixton Surrey, Mary A. aged 10 born Brixton Surrey, Anna Ellen born 1844 Brixton Surrey & Henry Percy born 1848 Birkenhead. By 1901 Martha is now living with her daughter Martha A. at 44 Beresford Road Oxton. (RG13/3399 folio:63 page:9).)
(ref.451) Sacred to the memory of CHARLOTTE HENDRICK of Kerdiffstown, County Kildare, Ireland who departed this life at Birkenhead on the 19th May 1846, aged 58 years. Also of MARY HENDRICK, her sister, who departed this life on the 16th day of October 1853, aged 67 years. “Thanks be to God which giveth us the Victory through our Lord Jesus Christ” 1 Cor.xv.57. Also of MARGARET WOLFE, cousin of the above, widow of Major Arthur Wolfe of Fornaghts, County Kildare, and only daughter of James Hamilton Esq. of Dunboyne Castle, County Meath, Ireland, who departed this life at Kimberworth, Yorkshire, July 10th, 1862, aged 71 years. She sleeps in Jesus. 'For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him'.

(ref.449) Underneath this stone lieth the remains of WILLIAM son of Benjamin and Jemima SMITH of Liverpool, who departed this life March the 26th, 1806, aged 7 years. In memory of BENJAMIN, father of the above, died April the 16th, 1807, aged …… years. Also of JEMIMA, relict of the above Benjamin SMITH who died July 4th 1833, aged 63.

(ref.447) Sacred to the memory of HUGH WILLIAMS of Oxton, who departed this life on the 15th January, 1845, aged 54 years. Universally respected. Also JOHN FREDERICK WILLIAMS died 18th December, 1852, aged 31 years. Also ALICE, wife of the above Hugh WILLIAMS, who died on the 2nd December, 1860, aged 60 years. Also of HUGH WILLIAMS, son of Hugh and Ann Williams, who died 10th June, 1894, aged 74 years.

(ref.459) BASIL SHERWOOD died 20th August, 1919, aged 12 years 1 1 months. IRENE SHERWOOD died 25th August, 1919, aged 8 months.The dearly loved children of the Rev & Mrs T Sherwood JONES. 'God hath led our dear ones on and He can do no wrong.'

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"Erected by the Birkenhead Improvement Commissioners. In Memory of their old and faithful Servant James Dennis Died 1863, Aged 70 years. During 37 years he served at Woodside Ferry, he saved 27 persons from Drowning and was rewarded by the Royal Humane Society with their Silver Medal."

According to the 1851 Census (HO107/2175 folio: 209 page: 58) James Dennis is living in Chapel Street, Birkenhead with his wife Margaret (aged 52 born in Barnston Cheshire) and his children Mary (age 11 born Birkenhead) and Thomas (age 9 born Birkenhead) James was 58 listed as Mariner born Liverpool, Lancashire.
Left Stone:
"In affectionate rememberance of ANDREW KNOX, eldest son of the late Revd Canon Knox, Vicar of Birkenhead, who died June 1 st 1884, aged 57 years. 'Cast thy bread upon the waters: and thou shalt find it after many days'."

Right Stone:
"In memory of HANNAH and MARY BERESFORD, (Sisters), the faithful and much valued servants of the Revd Canon Knox, Vicar of Birkenhead, Hannah for 35 years and Mary for 51 years. They both faithfully served the Lord Jesus Christ in whom they trusted, and they rest in the blessed hope of a glorious resurrection to eternal life through Him' Also of BOOTH BERESFORD, who entered into rest November 23rd, 1889, aged 70 years. 'Underneath are the everlasting arms' Deut 3.27. And BRIDGET, his wife, died Dec:14th 1916, aged 77 years. 'Peace Perfect Peace' In memory of HANNAH BERESFORD, late of Chesterfield, Derbyshire, who died February 11th 1870, aged 73 years. Also MARY BERESFORD, sister of the above who died August 5th 1877, aged 79 years."

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In memory of JOHN LAIRD, first Member of Parliament for Birkenhead. born 14th June, 1805, died 29th October 1874. HAMILTON, son of William and Agnes LAIRD, who died.29th August, 1854, aged 27 years, and MARY HAMILTON, their only daughter, who died 9th December, 1873, aged 67 years. Also JEAN McGREGOR, niece of Agnes Laird, who died 10th July, 1836, aged 19 years. HENRY RITCHIE, brother of William LAIRD, who died 28th June, 1865, aged 74 years. In this vault are deposited the bodies of WILLIAM LAIRD, who died 27th October, 1841, aged 61 years; and AGNES his wife, who died 8th December, 1853, aged 71 years. MARGARET STIRLING, daughter of John LAIRD & Elizabeth his wife, and granddaughter of William Laird, who died 19th November 1846, aged 1 year and 8 months. Also AGNES McGREGOR, daughter of William LAIRD & Lovisa his wife, and granddaughter of William Laird, who died lst September, 1854, aged 8 years. JOHN LAIRD M.P son of William and Agnes Laird, who died 29th October, 1874 aged 69 years. Also of ELIZABETH, his wife, who died 12th November, 1881, aged 75 years.

St.Mary's Birkenhead as it looked before the graveyard was removed.

In the background is the tower and church of St.Mary, and to it's left the old Chapter House of the Priory.

A plan of St.Mary's before the new dock destroyed the Graveyard