Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Restoration of the Priory was took up by Edward W. Cox, who devoted much time to the Priory and produced conjectured drawings and plans, some of which are not now considered accurate. However, such was the interest generated by these scholars, that the few hundred pounds required to buy the ruins and the freehold of the site was raised, and the corporation of Birkenhead was persuaded to take responsibility for them in 1896. E.W. Cox took over superintendence of restoration work in the following year, carried out by the Chester stone masons, Haswell & Son. A photographic survey of the work completed is the first comprehensive such study of the site, and shows details like the numbering, stone by stone, of the Guest Hall's south wall, which had to be taken down and completely rebuilt. The work was completed on 2 April 1898 .

Some of the Stonemasons whose marks you see above were:
George W. Haswell a Marble and Stonemason, born in Chester and living in 70 Bouverie Street, Chester.
Thomas Croft Stonemason, born Liverpool and living at 2 Hope Terrace, Birkenhead.
George Stocks Stonemason from Bingley, Yorkshire. living at 33 Sidney Street, Birkenhead. (both his father Albert and brother Walter also stonemasons.)
Henry Jones from Flintshire and his son Robert Jones, living at 211 Oliver Street. Birkenhead.


shirley l said...

You mention that you have a list of MI for St Mary's. May I ask if you have the name LEEMING in your list. I know the family were baprised and married at the church, but not sure where they were buried
Shirley Leeming

Colin D. Gronow said...


Thank you for your post, sadly I can find no MI's for the name Leeming.

I do however have some burial records for the name.

I have:
Charles Henry 1859
Edmund John 1877
Ronald 1896

I also have the first two baptism records as well as other Leeming's at St. Mary Church. Do contact me if you require further info.