Timeline for the Priory & St. Mary's Birkenhead.

 Timeline for Birkenhead Priory & St. Marys Church.

1150                 Priory founded by Hamo de Mascy
 l200-1250        Priory church rebuilt   
1275                 Royal visit by Edward I
1277                 Royal visit by Edward I
1284                 Prior applies to divert road around Priory buildings.
1318                 Prior petitions for a hostel. Royal Charter.
1330                 Royal Charter from Edward III leads to building of Great Hall
 l375                 Scriptorium built
1381                Only 5 monks at Priory
1496                Only 5 monks at Priory
1518                Only 7 monks at Priory
1536                Dissolution of monasteries by Henry VIII
1544                Ralph Worsley bought Priory lands
1573                Ralph Worsley died, succeeded by Alice (daughter) who marries
                        Thomas Powell
1600                Manor house built on site of old hostel, called 'The Priory'
1644                Priory occupied by Royalists & fortified - lost to  
1660                Manor house rebuilt
1713                John Cleveland bought Priory lands
1716                Priory lands inherited by Alice Cleveland (daughter) who marries 
                        Francis Price [3 pillars & arches of Priory church still
1787                Old Chester Road made into a turnpike road across Tranmere 
1801                Birkenhead's population 110
1815                First steam ferry to Liverpool
                        Manor house altered & extended
1820                Birkenhead Hotel opened
1822                St Mary's Church opened
1824                William Laird moves to Birkenhead
1831                Birkenhead's population 3,434

                                1832                St Mary's church extended
1839                Tithe barn blown down
1841                Birkenhead's population 8,223
1842                Ferry rights sold to Town of Birkenhead
1843                Manor house demolished
1844                Foundation stone for Docks
1845                Birkenhead Market opened
1846                Flaybrick Hill cemetery opened, interments slow down
1847                Birkenhead Park & Docks opened
1850                Samuel Spencer Lieut.RN died & buried at 
                        St. Mary's (on board HMS Victory at the battle of Trafalgar).
1854                Vicarage built next to Great Hall
1856                First public library in Birkenhead
1857                Laird's shipyard moves to present site
1861                Birkenhead's population 51,649
1874                John Laird, first Member of Parliament for Birkenhead 
                        buried at St. Mary.
1877                Birkenhead incorporated as a town
1881                Rev. Canon Andrew Knox Vicar of St. Mary's dies.
1886                Mersey Railway tunnel opened
1887                Birkenhead Town Hall opened
1891                Birkenhead's population 99,857
1896                Appeal launched to save Priory from ruin
                        Priory bought by public subscription & Birkenhead 
                        Borough take responsibility
1898                Restoration completed
1901                Birkenhead's population 110,915
1913                Chapter house & scriptorium restoration begun
1919                Chapter House dedicated as a chapel
1931                Birkenhead's population 147,946
1934                Mersey Road tunnel opened
1941                Scriptorium damaged by incendiary bomb
1949                Scriptorium restored

                                 1951                Birkenhead's population 137,738
                                 1957                J. Doyle Demolition of Liverpool started clearing the graveyard
                                                         of St. Mary's.
                                 1962                Princess Dock at Cammell Laird opened
                                 1971                St Mary's Church closed
                                 1975                St Mary's Church demolished, except for tower
                                 1979                Birkenhead Priory becomes a Scheduled Ancient Monument
                                 1986                Restoration of undercroft & buttery begun
                                 1988                Museum opened
                                 1992                Refectory roofed
                                 1996                HMS Conway Chapel opened in scriptorium
                                 2012                Repairs & conservation work begins on what is left of 
                                                         St. Marys Church.

  Photo  of  stained glass in the Chapter House, Birkenhead Priory of Edward I and is from a photo

 by By Sue H J Hasker 


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