Monday, July 30, 2007

(Ref.585LAN) Also James, Died 8th October 1861, aged 11 months, Joseph Died 14th February 1862, Aged 3 years. Elizabeth Charlotte, Died 22nd November1864 Aged 9 months. “For such is the Kingdom of God”.

Although the family name is missing from the stone (probably on the upper missing obelisk) from the GRO records are the following: James Heathcock Dec Qtr. 1861 Birkenhead Vol.8a page 257 / Joseph Charles Heathcock March Qtr. 1862 Birkenhead Vol.8a page 312 / Elizabeth Charlotte Heathcock Dec Qtr. 1864 Birkenhead Vol.8a page 279.
from left to right.

(Ref.547LAN) In affectionate remembrance of Thomas H. Galloway, who died the 17th of February 1875, aged 55 years. “His end was peace” Also of William Devalve Galloway, eldest son of the above, who died the 12th of August 1875, aged 25 years.

Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth Angus, the beloved daughter of Thomas Hugan and Elizabeth Galloway, who died 28th February 1862, aged 17 months. “Our days are as the grass, Or like a summer flower, if one sharp beast sweep oer the field, it withers in an hour”.

(Ref.549LAN) Sacred to the memory of, Matilda, daughter of Richard and Susan Devalve, who died 13th May 1842, aged 19 years. “Remember now thy creature, in the days of thy youth”

Richard Devalve departed this life 28th August 1861, aged 65 years, “Much and deservedly regretted by a large circle of friends”.

(Ref.617LAN) In memory of Margaret, the beloved wife of John Wright who died 20th February 1886, Aged 67 years. “Beloved in Life, Lamented in Death”.

Friday, July 27, 2007

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(Ref.603LAN) In affectionate Remembrance of John Gaskell, of Birkenhead, formerly of ………….Capel-en-le-Frith, Derbyshire. Who departed this life 22nd September 1853 Aged 71 years. Also of Catherine wife of the above who departed this life……..January 1874, Aged 83 years. Also Mary Ann daughter of the above. More Text illegible.

(Ref.607LAN) Sacred to the memory of Selina Jane Cole,the beloved daughter of William and Elizabeth his wife, who died on the 12th of October 1843 aged 15 months.

(Ref.619LAN) In loving memory of George Thompson, who died November 26th 1868, Aged 55 years. "His end was Peace" Also Elizabeth Thompson Widow of the above, who died January 30th 1906 Aged 91 years "Peace perfect Peace".

(Ref.609LAN) In memory of Catherine Jane, daughter of William Quine, Shipwright, and Mary Canna(?) his wife, Native of Ramsey, Isle of Man.

(Ref.615LAN) In memory of A. E. Harrison, died 30th October 1890, Aged 3 years and 4 months.
(CheshireBMD has Annie Elizabeth Harrison Death 1890 Ref.BIR/92/48).

(Ref.613LAN) Margaret Mavis Swaine, died 17th January 1917 Aged 4 years, also Denis Trevor Swaine died 8th March 1928, Aged 3 months. "Who plucked these pretty flowers, it was the Master…….forever held his………."

Thursday, July 26, 2007

(Ref.115) In loving memory of Margaret widow of William Carter of Liverpool Who died 9th November 1852 aged 70 years Also of Sarah Beloved wife of William Carter Of Devonshire Place Claughton Who died 26th July 1857 aged 37 years Also of Thomas eldest son of William and Sarah Carter Who died 20th January 1859 Aged 12 years.

(Ref.117) Samuel S. Son of John & Eleanor Lea Died December 8th 1853 aged 3 years Also Louisa Emily Daughter of the above died January 12th 1854 aged 7 years Also Elizabeth Billington Their Grandmother died 27th January 1858 Aged 56 years Also their son Henry died 2nd February 1861 Aged 5 years Also John Lea Father of the above Children who died 31st January 1863 Aged 43 years Also Emily Martha Daughter of the above who died April 23rd 1864 aged 9 years Also Herbert Lea Grandson of the above Who died May 3rd 1879 Aged 2 years & 6 months.

(Ref.119) Sacred To the memory of Mary the beloved wife of Captain James Hookey? R.N. Who departed this life 16th September 1855 Aged 55 years.

(Ref.121) Sacred To the memory of Rebecca Stork Who departed this life July 10th 1857 Aged 20 years Also Edward Griffiths Son of David & Elizabeth Griffiths Who departed this life January 6th 1858 Aged 1 year & 5 months "de Mortuis Nil Nisi Bonum" .

(Ref.123) Sacred to the memory of Ward Welch Esq. London Who died August 14th 1856 To great grief Of his widow family and friends Aged 71 years.

(Ref.125) Martha Daughter of the late Joseph Anderton Of Preston The beloved wife of Thomas Wingfield Born May 1st 1820 Died April 15th 1856.

(Ref.405P) In memory of Mary Jane Birnie Born 3rd January 1846 Died 16th January 1863 Also of James Birnie Father of the above who departed this life October 10th 1878 Aged 64 years Also of John third son of the above James Birnie Born 24th February 1855 Died 4th June 1887 Also of Jane wife of James Birnie Born 23rd November 1822 Died 20th November 1889 Also of James Birnie son of the above Died 11th November 1925 Aged 81 years.
(Ref.105) In loving memory of Elsie Died July 7th 1918 aged 3 yrs & 9 months Also Lilie died August 8th 1918 Aged 9 months.

(Ref.107) In loving remembrance of Jennet Relict of Samual Braddock Of Macclesfield Who died February 28th 1853 aged 80 years Also Matilda the loved wife of John Cross Who died August 9th 1856 aged 39 years Also James Cross Who died November 15th 1864 aged 84 years Also Adelade Matilda Daughter of Samuel Braddock and Hannah Cross Who died 1st September 1878 aged 9 months Also the above John Cross who died April 30th 1881 aged 80 years.

(Ref.109) Sacred to the memory of Ann wife of R.M.Hogan Birkenhead and daughter of the late Charles Ainery Esq. Of Little Sutton who died 9th August 1852 Aged 47 Also of Robert Massey Hogan Who died 19th May 1853 Aged 48.

(Ref.111) Sacred To the memory of Jane Conway Who died July 5th 1852 Aged 76 years "When the earth heard me, then blessed me, and when the eye saw me it gave witness to me" Also in memory of John James Conway Aged 47 years Who departed this life October 18th 1863 "be ye ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the son of man cometh".

(Ref.113) Sacred To the memory of Mary Burrow Of Bricke Who departed this life On the 19th August 1852 Aged 60 years.

(Ref.481P) Photo: Sacred to the memory of ELLEN, daughter of the late John BRADLEY, of Colborne Hill in the county of Stafford, born 27th February 1805 died at Birkenhead the 11th October 1870. 'Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord, from henceforth, Yea, saith the spirit, that they may rest from their labours' Rev. xlv ch 13.
(Ref.89) To the memory of James Purdue Lewis Son of M.D. Scholfield Esq. Who died 17th February 1852 Aged 4 months "Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not for of such as the Kingdom of God" Also Marianne Caroline Died 23rd September 1854 Aged 14 months "This is God’s host" Also of Gerald Frederick Taylor Bombay Staff Corps, who departed This life August 25th 1863 Aged 37.

(Ref.91) Here are laid The mortal remains of Sarah Elizabeth The dearly loved wife of William Tristram Keightley Who died 18th March 1854 Aged 51 Also of the above William Tristram Keightley Who fell asleep 27th October 1873 Aged 72.

(Ref.97) Here lieth a friend of Jesus, Sarah The beloved daughter of J. & S. Jones Who died on the 1st December 1863 In her 15th year.

(Ref.99) Sacred To the memory of Charles Dunbar Who died 22nd September 1853 Aged 47 years Also of Thomas Reece Who departed this life January 15th 1858 aged 29 years "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord" Also John Reece brother of the above Who died 25th February 1867 Aged 54 years "his end was peace" also of William Reece who died 21st May 1871 aged 34 years "in the midst of life we are in death" Also Ann Beloved wife of Charles Reece who died 21st June 1900 Aged 63 years "Peace perfect Peace" Also Charles Reece Who died 21st April 1903 Aged 64 years "at rest forever with the Lord".

(Ref.101) In memory of John Morris Builder for many years In this town Who died December 28th 1868 Aged 55 years.

(Ref.103) In loving memory of Dorothy Beloved daughter of C. & A. Pook Died July 25th 1924 aged 12 days "Suffer Little children to come unto me".

(Ref.489P) In loving memory of JANE CECILIA BETTS, who fell asleep 3rd March, 1872, aged 36 years. 'Them which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him' 1 Thess iv.14. Also in memory of THE REVD HENRY JAMES BETTS, B.A., husband of the above, who fell asleep 6th September, 1876, aged 40 years. 'He hath done all things well' Mark vii.37.
Sacred to the memory of William Watson who died November 3rd 1845 Aged 35 years.

Sacred to the memory of George Jones who died February 2nd 1842 aged 67 years. "I shall be satisfied when I awake in the Likeness".

Sacred to the memory of Mary the beloved and amiable wife of Richard Shaw who departed this life February 8th 183? Aged 53 years. Also rest here the mortal remains of Richard Shaw Husband of the above. He died June 9th 1835 aged 54 years. Here also rest The remains of Mary youngest daughter of the above and beloved wife of Alexander Duncan of Liverpool who died September 2nd 1846.

Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth Orme who departed this life March 9th 1835 Aged 37 years.

Sacred to the memory of Thomas Grierson who died June 19th 1835 aged 51 years. Also of John Grierson who died December 2nd 1842 aged 25 years. Also William son of the above who died April 18th 1844 Aged 31 years. Also Thomas Grierson who died December 10th 1844 aged 25 years. Also Harriet daughter of the above Thomas Grierson who died 4th August 1852 aged 19 years.

Sacred to the memory of John Hogg who died 29th June 1877 aged 68 years.

Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth relict of the late John Wave who departed this life August 11th 1858 aged 71 years.

John Horridge Died 24th February 1854 Aged 63 years.

In loving memory of Elsie Belgium the beloved Daughter of O.L. & S.J. Tyler Who departed this life February 26th 1918 Aged 3 years and 2 weeks.

Sacred To the memory of John Sykes Who died 5th June 1855 Aged 64 years Also John Alcock Who died 5th February 1873 Aged 53 years Also Mary Ann Alcock Who died 30th September 1882 Aged 62 years.

Beneath are deposited The remains of Selina Maria Bates Relect of Colonel Thomas Bates of Walton County of Northumberland Who died April 1st 1853 Aged 75 years.

In memory of Robert Marshall Died 28th October 1846 Aged 75 years Also Edmund P. Marshall Who died 12th August 1849 Aged 27 years Also Charles T. Marshall Who died 19th December 1850 Aged 26 years Also Grace Marshall Who died the 18th April 1852 Aged 67 Years "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord".

In loving memory of Edward Colman the beloved Child of Arthur and Florence Colman Born 25th May 1808 Died November 23rd 1809.

Sacred To the memory of Frances Agnus Knyvett Who died December 6th 1851 Aged 5 years.

In memory of Ruth Outram Died August 24th 1846 Aged 55 years Also of Rebecca Batteson Niece of the above Died February 17th 1859 Aged 39 years.

In memory of Charles B. Miller He died 18th October 1856 Aged 10 years Also his brother Arthur Ernest Miller Who died 21st March 1861 aged 2 years.

Sacred To the memory of Elizabeth wife of William Conway Hensman Who died November 12th 1841 Aged 19 years & 7 months "Where I am there shall also my Servant be".

Sacred in the memory of William Henry Williams Who died July 18th 1844 aged 27 years Also Ann the beloved wife of the above Who died 31st December 1885 Aged 70 years Also Catharine McLoen Williams Died 18th January 1858 Aged 17 years Also Arthur Shingler Died May 3rd 1859 aged 62 years.

Sleeping in Jesus Here lieth the body of Matilda Smyth daughter of the Late Capt. Smyth of St. Helena Co. Antrim Northern Ireland Who departed this life June 8th 1813 Aged 17 years.

In loving memory of Caroline O’Donnel who fell Asleep with Jesus February 18th 1841 aged 15 years.

Sacred To the memory of Jane Holt Who died July 23rd 1840 Aged 51 years She was the daughter of John Holt Esq. Of Crossfield Rochdale.

In loving memory of John Clement of Liverpool Who departed this life at residence At Tranmere Park 16th March 1872 aged 69 years This sone was erected by his fond Wife who is now coming to rest Here until the resurrection morn Also in memory Of his wife who was Entered here 19th October 1887.

Sacred To the memory of David Angus eldest son of John Angus Ward Esq. Who died 4th October 1854 Aged 8 years.

Underearth lie the remains of Mrs Margaret Nabb Evans who departed This life on the 14th January 1854 Aged 75 years Also Emily Martha Brownsworth Granddaughter of the above She died on the 21st January 1851 Aged 4 months Also Margaret Harrison another granddaughter Of the above and wife of Henry M. Miller Of Liverpool Born 6th July 1836 Died 17th June 1861 Also of Joseph Secering Evans Who died on the 4th April 1870 Aged 63 years Also of Mary A. Evans Wife of the above Who died on the 8th January 1876 Aged 56 Years.

In memory of Mary Welton of South Shields Wife of Isaac Welton who Departed this life 23rd June 1853 Aged 25 years Also of Harriet Bate Welton Daughter of the above who Died 13th April 1854 Aged 17 months.

Sacred In the memory of William Gay only son of William and Jane Gay Parker Late of Barnstable Devon Who died the 8th March 1853 Aged 15 years.

Sacred to the memory of Ann Tice wife of John Tice Esq. Late in the 7th Royal Fusiliers Pay Master And acting paymaster General in The Island of Bermuda Late widow of William Cook Esq. Staff Surgeon and Army Medical Inspector Who departed this life deeply Lamented December 25th 1858 Aged 60 years.

Sacred to the memory of Louisa Elizabeth The beloved and youngest child of Thomas and Bathsheba Smith Of Birkenhead who died at Sheeness 21st May and was entered here 25th May 1861 aged 5 years and 9 months.

In loving memory of Gladys Thornton Died December 21st 1919 Aged 7 y years Also Rhonia Thornton Died January 18th 1922 Aged 2 years also John aged 9 days.

Beneath …………….. …..certain hope of………. ……………………………………… …………………………………………. Thomas E Cole Catain in the Royal Navy Who departed this life 21st November 1852 aged 63 years Also Rebecca Jessie Cole Daughter of the above And wife of………………….. Who died on the 21st February 1853 Aged 25 years "Them which …… Will God………..with him" Also Janet Dundas Cole 6th Daughter of the above who fell asleep in Jesus January 13th 1856 In the 18th year of her age.

Sacred to the memory of Mary Smith who departed this life 23rd March 1849 aged 38 years Be ye also ready Also John Smith husband of the above Who died 21st September 1860 aged 67 years Also of Archibald Alexander Smith Of Alexandria and Virginia U.S. Who died 29th October 1869 aged 24 years Also of Reginald Keighly Smith M.A. Vicar of Killinghall Yorkshire 2nd son Of the above John and Mary Smith Who died at Chester 9th January 1904 aged 65 years Also Julia Sarah Smith daughter of the above John and Mary Smith who died November 9th 1905 Aged 65 years.