Thursday, February 07, 2008

In memory of Catherine M. Shaw Wife of the Rev. James Towers And of Jemima, Kate and Jessie Towers Their daughters Also of Anna Mary Who died 20th April 1869 Aged 18 years Also the Rev. James Towers Who died 29th July 1891 Aged 65 years.

Kate Shaw Towers 1859 Registered December Qtr.1859 Wirral. (Vol.8a page 265). Aged 17.
Jamima Shaw Towers 1860 Registered December Qtr.1860 Wirral. (Vol.8a page 247). Aged 20.
Catherine Towers 1865. Registered March Qtr.1865 Birkenhead.(Vol.8a page 355). Aged 54.
Jessie Towers 1867 Registered June Qtr. 1867 Birkenhead (Vol.8a page 305) Aged 22.
Anna Mary Towers 1869 Registered June Qtr. 1869 Birkenhead (Vol.8a page 290) Aged 18.
James Towers 1891 Registered September Qtr. 1891 Wirral (Vol.8a page 265) Aged 83.

James would appear to have three further children Agnes Hamilton Towers, Margaret J. Towers & James Shaw Towers. James Towers was the Snr.United Presbyterian Minister of Grange Road Church, Birkenhead, the photo above shows him in his home (Pic) in Claughton-cum-Grange.


Gotham said...

According to Family Search website a family member named Margaret Holliday was buried at St Mary's in September 1852 aged 20days. Born in Thurstaston and baptised there on 18 August 1852 to Christopher and Margaret Holliday. Can you confirm her burial at St Mary's and where her remains would have been removed to. Thank you. John

Colin D. Gronow said...

A Margaret Holliday was buried at St.Mary's 5th September 1852 aged 20 days.[Page 70. Entry 560 St.Marys parish register of Burials].
Her remains could still be there, or moved to Landican Cemetery, Arrowe Park. There is no MI that I am aware of.

There is also another Margaret Maria Holliday buried 20th January 1883 aged 7 weeks of 11 Midland Street Birkenhead. [Page 48 Entry 384 St.Marys parish register of Burials].
Again no MI's for this entry.