Thursday, February 07, 2008

from left to right;

Sacred to the memory of WILLIAM WAREING, who died June 7th, 1856, aged 65 years. Also of HANNAH WAREING, his widow. Born 12th August, 1799. Died 16th January 1884.

Sacred to the memory of MARTHA, the dearly lowed wife of George ACHESON, of Hinderton House, Tranmere, who died 15th November, 1871, aged 41 years. 'I have travelled through Death's dark valley, but hope hath shone on my way, they rod and thy staff they have' borne me, to the realms of endless day.'

WILLIAM WOOD of Woodside, died July 19th 1780, aged 63 years. ........ IEL CLAI WOOD'S burial place.

Sacred To the memory of Jerome Sankey Smithes Surgeon Who departed this life December 14th 1818 Aged 38 years.

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