Thursday, July 26, 2007

(Ref.105) In loving memory of Elsie Died July 7th 1918 aged 3 yrs & 9 months Also Lilie died August 8th 1918 Aged 9 months.

(Ref.107) In loving remembrance of Jennet Relict of Samual Braddock Of Macclesfield Who died February 28th 1853 aged 80 years Also Matilda the loved wife of John Cross Who died August 9th 1856 aged 39 years Also James Cross Who died November 15th 1864 aged 84 years Also Adelade Matilda Daughter of Samuel Braddock and Hannah Cross Who died 1st September 1878 aged 9 months Also the above John Cross who died April 30th 1881 aged 80 years.

(Ref.109) Sacred to the memory of Ann wife of R.M.Hogan Birkenhead and daughter of the late Charles Ainery Esq. Of Little Sutton who died 9th August 1852 Aged 47 Also of Robert Massey Hogan Who died 19th May 1853 Aged 48.

(Ref.111) Sacred To the memory of Jane Conway Who died July 5th 1852 Aged 76 years "When the earth heard me, then blessed me, and when the eye saw me it gave witness to me" Also in memory of John James Conway Aged 47 years Who departed this life October 18th 1863 "be ye ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the son of man cometh".

(Ref.113) Sacred To the memory of Mary Burrow Of Bricke Who departed this life On the 19th August 1852 Aged 60 years.

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