Wednesday, January 17, 2007

(ref.P519) Sacred to the memory of HANNAH TOMKINSON, wife of Charles Tomkinson of Liverpool, who died September 2nd, 1818, aged 67 years. 'Death inflexible that would not spare. A loving wife and tender mother dear; Returned to earth her late fair body is, Till Christ more fair shall rise her unto life'. God grant that all who on her cast an eye, may like her live and wisely learn to die. Also ANN TOMKINSON, sister to the above CHARLES TOMKINSON, who died December 9th, 1818, aged 64 years. Also ISABELLA CHRISTIE, their grandaughter, who died March 4th 1816, aged 5 years.

(ref.P521) In the vault underneath lie the remains of MARGARET, the beloved wife of John GRINDROD M.D. (of Seaforth), who departed this life on the 28th of January, 1852, aged 46 year. Also of the said JOHN GRINDROD, M.D. husband of the above, who died at Seaforth, on the 21st day of June, 1856, aged 55 years.

(ref.P523) Sacred to the memory of JOHN GRINDROD HEATHERINGTON, who died Jan 6th, 1829 aged 10 months. Also RICHARD HEATHERINGTON, died February 19th, 1837, aged 1 1 months. Also of WILLIAM HEATHERINGTON Esq, who departed this life February 4th 1839 aged 37 years. Also of WILLIAM HETHERINGTON, died November 14, 1844, aged 17 years. Also of GEORGE HETHERTINTON, his brother, died Nove 29th, 1846, aged 17 years.

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