Wednesday, February 06, 2008

from left to right;

In memory of Robert Dean who fell asleep in Jesus 13th March 1848 Aged 54 years. And Martha his wife who died 18th February 1873 Aged 80 years “Her end was Peace” Also Elizabeth daughter of the above who died 14th January 1839 Aged 2 years. Also Elizabeth Martha daughter of Charles and Ellen Dean and Grand-daughter of the above, who died 2nd December 1851 Aged 18 months.

Sacred to the memory of Anne Caroline, the beloved wife of Richard Edmundson Birkett, Master Mariner who died 11th April 1856, Aged 27 years. Also of Elizabeth Matilda Breakey, twin Sister of the above who died 19th October 1856, Aged 28 years………(Broken Stone)………………… of Richard Edmundson and Eliza Birkett, who died on the 1st of February……Aged 3 years.

In memory of Mary Anne wife of John Watson, died 22nd October 1854, Aged 63.

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