Wednesday, November 07, 2007

In memory of Edward Easton Son of Royston F. and Emily Boulthee Died 13th May 1862 aged 10 months “Jesus called a little child” Also Royston Frederick Second son of the above died 17th October 1866 aged 2 months “Is it well with the child and she answered it is well” Also Emily The beloved wife of Royston F. Boulthee Died 14th September 1874 aged 44 years “not lost but gone before” Also Royston Frederick Boulthee Who fell asleep April 10th 1909 Aged 80 years “as we have loved him in life let us not forget him in death”

In the GRO Marriage index there is: Royston Frederick Boultbee & Emily Hitchcock Easton, Wirral. September Quarter Vol.8a page 501.
On the: 7th April 1861 (RG9/2642 Folio: 142 Page: 51 ) the family are living at 30 Price Street, Birkenhead.
2nd April 1871 (RG10/3752 Folio: 57 Page: 20) the family are living in Arno Road, Oxton. Royston's occupation is Oil Merchant, born in Liverpool, Lancashire.
3 April 1881 (RG11/3588 Folio: 45 Page: 35 ) is described as living at Woodchurch Road, Birkenhead.
5th April 1891 (RG12/2892 Folio 85 Page 4) Royston is living at 5 Osbourne Terrace, Woodchurch Road, Birkenhead.
31st march 1901 ( RG13/3399 Folio: 7 Page: 5) Royston is living at 5 Osbourne Terrace, Woodchurch Road, Birkenhead with his Spinster daughter Charlotte Boultbee.

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