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(Ref.477) Sacred to the memory of LETITIA SPEED of Liverpool, who died the 25th of January, 1828, aged 37 years. Sacred to the memory of MARTHA SPEED, daughter of William and Martha Speed, (late of Overton, Flintshire) who died July the 7th, 1828, aged 15 years. 'Pause by this stone, ye thoughtless and ye gay, And if ye can, as thoughtless pass away, Beneath it lies youth, loveliness and worth, Too fair, too good, to linger long on earth, Tho' short her days, by Jesus' spirit taught For peace and pardon, through his blood she saught. He saw that storms around her path might rise, And call'd her hence, to calmer, purer skies. Reader, seek thou the grace to Martha given, Then death to thee, will be the gate of Heaven.'
(Ref.475) Sacred to the memory of ANNE HOLDFOOD, of Malpas, who died the 28th of April, 1824, aged 39 years.

(Ref.485) In memoriam, EIRENE MARY, the much loved daughter of the Rev. G.D. & Mrs OAKLEY Born March 12, 191 0, fell asleep Feb. 7, 191 1. 'Of such is the kingdom of Heaven'

(Ref.487) In loving memory of SARAH JANE HIDE, died September 17th, 1926, in her 80th year. Also WALTER, beloved husband of Ethel, died 3rd Dec. 1957, aged 76 years.

(Ref.491) Sacred to the memory of BETTY, the beloved wife of George MAJOR, of Bridport, Dorsetshire, who died 29th February, 1872, aged 72 years.

(Ref.495) In affectionate remembrance of MARTHA, the beloved wife of Thomas DEXTER, who departed this life May 4th, 1880, aged 53 years. Also of THOMAS DEXTER, who departed this life March 22nd 1890, in his 66th year. 'We all do fade as a leaf' Also ADA WORTHINGTON, eldest and beloved daughter of the above, who died January 27th, 1896, in her 32nd year 'Her loss we mourn'.

(Ref.505) To the memory of Mr JOHN JONES, stationer of Pool Lane, Liverpool, who died Oct 9th 1810, aged 55, at Holt Hill in this County 'Each pensive hour shall thee restore, For thee the ... ar he duly shed, Belov'd till life can charm no more, And mourn'd till pity's self be dead.'

(Ref.507) Sacred to the memory of JOHN ASPINALL, of Birkenhead who died Dec 26th, 1842, aged 55 years. Also of CHARLOTTE, his wife, who departed this life 27 June, 1856, aged 71 years. Also of JOHN JAMES ASPINALL, grandson of the above, who died on April 11th , 1901, aged 53 years. Also of ISABELLA, third daughter of Henry KELSALL and Margaret ASPINALL, who died June 17th, 1936, aged 79 years. 'Blessed are the pure in heart'

(Ref.515) Sacred to the memory of ELIZABETH, relict of Thomas LEE, who departed from this life March 16th 1864. "In sure and certain hope of a joyful resurrection". Also of MARY GREGORY, sister of the above, who departed from this life April 11th 1869 "She sleeps in jesus" Also of THOMAS LEE, ELIZABETH LEE, and ELIZABETH GREGORY, whose remains were removed from St Nicholas Churchyard, Liverpool, 29th August, 1884. Also JEMIMA GREGORY LEE, daughter of the above Thomas and Elizabth Lee. Born 4th January, 1830, Died 17th June 1906. 'Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners'.

(Ref.453) In memory of LETITIA MARY, daughter of Thos & Mary Anne FRY, who died 18th Sept. 1849, aged 1 year & 10 months. Also of GEORGE TURVILLE, their eldest son, who died 3rd July 1857, aged 16 years. Also of THOMAS FRY, father of the above, who died 4th June, 1864, aged 48 years. Also of MARY ANNE, wife of the above named Thomas Fry, who died 29th Oct. 1889, aged 68 years. 'Being justified by faith we have peace with God through Our Lord Jesus Christ' Rom. v.1.

(Ref.435) Sacred to the memory of HENRY, the fourth beloved son of Henry and Lucinda BROOKE, of Coolock House in County Dublin, Ireland, who fell asleep in Jesus January 30th, 1856, aged 29 years. Loved and admired by all who knew him. 'if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also who sleep in Jesus will God bring with him' 1 Thess iv.14. Also of the above LUCINDA BROOKE, who died November 18th, 1860. 'He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: He leadeth me beside the still waters.' Psalm xxiii.2. Also of ANNA MARIA, sister of the above Henry, and daughter of the above Lucinda BROOKE, who died July 20th, 1871. 'To me to die is gain' Phil. i.21. Also of JOSEPH WILSON son of the above Lucinda, and brother of the above Henry and Anna Maria BROOKE, who died April 1st 1872. "There the weary be at rest" Job iii.17.

(Ref.415) In memory of RICHARD LEE who departed this life September 23, 1782, aged 47 years. Also MARY, his wife, who died Aug. 3rd 1784, aged 52 years. Also ANN, the wife of Wm. THOMPSON of Liverpool and daughter of Richard and Mary Lee, died August 16 1794, aged 36 years.Also ALICE LEE, daughter of Richard and Mary Lee, who died August 23rd 1836, aged 72 years.Also of LYDIA LEE, daughter of the said Richd and Mary Lee, who departed this life July 31, 1840, aged 63 years. Also of MARY LEE, daughter of the said Richard and Mary Lee, who died April 25, 1841, aged 70 years. Also of ELIZABETH LEE, sister of the above died Oct. 5th 1842, aged 75 years.

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